When you live your life like me, you move around a lot. Everyday is a new house, every night is a new bed, bath or pissy floor to sleep on. Videos are different. Videos should be looked after and given their own clean beds to sleep in. They should only be woken up if you're gonna watch them all the way through. Don't wake the videos up and then stop watching after a minute. How would you like it if I let you sleep for a minute and woke you up? They are all in order. Newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. There is even playlists and shit. I've made your jobs even easier. Jobs are for nobs. Remember that.


I am in all of these videos. You could say that I'm a bit of a movie star. I'm not thought cos I haven't never got chance to bang a film star. I've only banged birds that work in video shops and I only did that twice so I could watch the first Harry Potters. I realised they were shit after the first two so I dumped her and started banging a bird at Kwik Save.

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What's that? Devvo's got sum new tees? Yeah mayte! You will look cool as fuck if u hav a tee with my face on it. I am a dole queue hero. Fuck it. You shud b a dole queue hero2. No one buys fruit of the loom anymore. Yes they do cos they are fruit of the loom tees like!

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