These are the Fat-Pie bowels. When you reach this page, you have run out of good stuff.

28th June '04
I originally wrote this at uni when I was feeling low, and planned to do it in Director. I drew it all on paper first and scanned it in (like Alan and Fatpie 4) - that wasn't a good idea cos it made the file size huge. So I re-drew it in Flash. Have a watch. It's not funny. Just depressing. Music By Boards Of Canada
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25th March '04
'Alan' is a short animated film that I made for a university project. I drew all the characters and backgrounds on paper first and then animated them in Macromedia Director. The project set was "A Day In The Life Of An Alternative Superhero" and was the first decent project in a whole year of steaming bullshit. Thanks to advances in video conversion technology, I can now present this in flash video format (no more Windows Media Player).
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Fat-Pie Long Episodes
2002 - 2003
This site was originally set up for my quite lengthy Fat-Pie episodes. I made these between 2002-2003. Back before the days of Youtube, these were hosted as wmv and mpeg files. Turns out no one liked downloading massive video files that often required confusing codecs and video player updates. They were shown at an art film event called Slack Video in Hull in late 2003 and gained a very small fan base. Since then the fan base has been upgraded to just "small". There was a 4th episode planned and partially animated, then for some reason I decided that it wasn't worth the effort. There won't be any more of these in the future. Warning: not very good. lazylemon1.jpg (47155 bytes)
Fat-Pie bowels.

Ever since his key role in the 3rd Fat pie cartoon, everyone has been wanting to get their hands on a slice of Panathinaikos Bear. People wanted more, so he's gifted you all with a FLASH spin-off. Music By Aphex Twin, Schlong and Mad Caddies.

Panathinaikos Bear 11: If
The Thursday Matinee Band are in town and I've heard they do a great Eagles cover.
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Panathinaikos Bear 10: Blazing Skies
Bilingual ramp action from a pain-killer-salesman-killer.
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Panathinaikos Bear 9: Bullit Banquet
Tidal Waves threaten a surfing village on the moon.
Panathinaikos Bear 8: Life on the Loose
Omnibus episode. Guest starring Jack Lemmon as Colonel Reg O' Connor
witch shot
Panathinaikos Bear 7: Grey Matter TURBO EDITION
Pana and Meep discover a cure for air.
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Panathinaikos Bear 6: Pocket Sense
Pana and Meep play a game of chance.
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Panathinaikos Bear 5: Neelam
Old people smell like dinner.
lamb shank
Panathinaikos Bear 4: Late Luggage
Porky Bear smells a kettle of wealth
wank bag
Panathinaikos Bear 3: Aromatic Scotch Tape
Tapes, in my mind never died.
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Panathinaikos Bear 2: The New Quffballs Of Pop
Once it happens. Once it doesn't.
forget it
Panathinaikos Bear 1: A Journey To Reedham REDUX
Episode 1 dug out of Fatpie 3. They meet Kurdt Kestrel.
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