Jim's Story :: My first cartoon series.

The following cartoons aren't very good but it's interesting to see how the humour and style has progressed in the last 5 or so years.

I was 16 when I made Jim's Story 1, and it was just made to annoy my brother (Jim) who was 12 at the time. By the time I'd made episode 6, I was so sick of it I just gave up. About a year after that I made Fat-Pie episode 1. the voice acting was mainly by me and David Ellis at first with Crust making his debut in episode 3 as an old man. Even Dane (yes THE Dane) did a voice or 2. Like I said, these are crap. I'll be suprised if you enjoy them.


Jim's Story 6 (unfinished 2001)
Jim's Story 5 (2000/2001)
Jim's Story 4 (2000)
Jim's Story 3 (2000)
Jim's Story 2 (1999)
Jim's Story (1999)

thanks to Kyle for the hosting


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