By Locust Toybox 2009

Here are the credits I can remember. All instruments, vocals and sequencing by David Firth with the following exceptions:

Arisa: Contains speech sample from "Crack Clouds Over Hell's Kitchen", drum sample from "El Rey" Y Yo by Los Angeles Negros and bass sample from "Black Magic Man" by Biddu Orchestra. Crystal Bomb: Contains vocal samples from "Rock Co Cane Flow" by De La Soul + MF Doom, a speech sample from some Nintendo help line video I saw and some ethnic beats from "Tabla Beat Science" (there are also several beat loops that I used from a time when I was too stupid to label my samples properly so they shall remain unaccredited, but not unappreciated. Midmorning Tufler: contains speech samples from Katy Broadley and some quiet vocals by Jimi Hollis. Supersonic Waves: contains an obvious bass sample from "Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes" by Paul Simon (with some vocals too), an obvious, overused drum loop from "Funky Drummer" by James Brown and obvious vocals from "Blue Flowers" by Dr. Octagon (I must have wanted to be Fatboy Slim for a moment there) I also threw in a loop from a Grape Diggers jam tape and a sample from some strange language news program I was watching on crappy free internet TV. Momentish: contains a guitar sample from some Stan Kenton song and beat samples from The Turtles. Djembe by Callum Whiteley and some outdoor sounds from a rainy BBQ.

Most of the beats were probably made from bits of beats and sounds by other people, but the samples used were so small that it would be pointless me crediting them -- and practically impossible, because I didn't label them properly.

Inkbrush was made between 2007-2009 and was lots of fun. On the left are some bits of cover art that I made, with some sketch samples from Jimi Hollis. Choose the one you like, if you like any of them.