Language Reference Derivatives


1. (Noun) /ˈɡoʊ.bəˌmoʊl/ A small being that evades all definition. The instant a 'Goebomole' is defined, it loses Goebomole status and can no longer be defined as a Goebomole. An anomaly characterized by its brief, undocumented appearance and subsequent disappearance, first observed by Prof. Ron Duckington, Dr. Ian Tieman and Melvyn Digglovich at the University of Kwimley in 2017 . The Goebomole phenomenon has since become a subject of academic interest due to its unexplained nature and the lack of subsequent observable instances. Discussions around the Goebomole primarily engage with its implications for observational science and the methodological challenges it presents in terms of replicability and verification.

2. (Verb) Actions carried out in the name of a Goebomole cult. To Gobermole is to enact the 'will of the Goebomole'. In remote parts of East Asia, Goebomole cults are said to perform actions based on the will of the Goebomole. These are indescribable. The moment they are described they no longer can be classed as Goebomolian in nature.

3. (Adjective) Very nice