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19th Dec 2014
Health Reminder: Lesson 3. LISTEN! This is your doctor speaking. I'm afraid that you have declined into a bird-like state of mental unwellness. If you would like me to open your skull and take a look at your wires, I'd be pleased to give it my best, I must warn you though, I have no idea what I am doing. Unfixable Thought Machine
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31st Oct 2014
In this animated music video, Flying Lotus has a load of babies running around in his head. He gets decapitated and sliced up. Fun for all the family. Ready Err Not
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24th Nov 2013
It's Hubert Cumberdale's birthday and he's got some lovely new trousers, but Milford is feeling a bit ill, so Salad Fingers sets out to find the doctor. Salad Fingers 10
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4th Sept '12
Here is a pretty quick but pretty long clipshow of almost everything I have ever animated (114 projects) including stuff you've never seen. Only ten seconds or less of each thing, so it'll be fine for all you impatient ADD kids out there. I just made it to see what it would look like really. AZFatpie
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21st Aug '12
Three men's skins are one man's treasure. The fifth in my dream inspired series. A young boy and his sister carry out tasks for a bodyless head. Episodes do not continue on from each other. This is not a flash cartoon.
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5th July '11
Health Reminder: Lesson 2. The importance of pills is addressed in this lesson, along with a look at what happens when you die. All music by Locust Toybox
Take This Pill
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26th May '11
His first episode in over 3 years. Salad Fingers recieves a letter from the great war. Sponsored by Newgrounds with music composed by Marcus Fjellstrom.
Salad Fingers 9
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A series of 4 cartoons about a man who isn't sure about anything. All the dialogue was improvised in one recording session. Edited into small chunks and animated with photos.
Not Stanley
#1-Serial Killer #2-Supermarket #3-World Stops #4-Ain't Got Shit
Do The Buildings Still Argue? A series of 4 cartoons made for the BBC Comedy website. Drillbithead is a thing, with a city full of buildings to look after.
#1-Friend #2-Documentary #3-Breeze #4-War
21st Jan '10
The world's ONLY hero, Burnt Face Man receives a call from Washington DC.
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Reality TV show that takes place inside a large airborn zeppelin. Animation to accompany audio sketch from Mitchell and Webb's radio show.
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Dec '08
This is a cartoon about the buying and selling of time. Made for Playboy's Playmation Nation.
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Dec '08
Music mouth was upsetting the town with his horrible sounds. Made for Playboy's Playmation Nation.
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Dec '08
Musical predictions for the pop charts of 2009. They all came true. Made for BBC website.
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8th Nov '08
This one is about a man and his dog. WARNING: May be slow on some older computers due to lots of textures and camera movement. It looked a bit choppy on my laptop. Select a lower quality by right clicking the movie if that's the case. All music by Locust Toybox
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18th April '08
The world's only person to ever wear orange, Burnt Face Man is on a mission from GOD.
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13th Feb '08
Charlie and the good folk from TV asked us for something. We gave them these. These were supposed to be mini teasers for a potential TV series. They didn't work very well and only 3 were shown.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
22nd Sept '07
Salad Fingers listens to his radio. Music by Boards Of Canada, Lustmord and Dyzv0r.
Salad Fingers 8: Cupboard
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9th Aug '07
This is a health reminder. May I remind you to pay attention? This will save your life and eliminate your worries. It most CERTAINLY will destroy any bothers you have. You have no choice but to realise this. You have no choice but to understand. Music By Chris Gladwin and Locust Toybox.
Health Reminder
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Four Cartoons For "Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe" (BBC4)
21st Feb '07

Charlie Brooker asked me to make FOUR cartoons, one for each episode in the current series of Screenwipe. They were supposed to be a minute long and vaguely about TV, which I managed with the first 2, the 3rd one was just nonsense and the 4th one I handed over to Jerry Jackson. Incidentally, Jerry's was about Political Correctness on TV and contained a certain degree of sarcasm, yet sarcasm the TV company didn't see the funny side of, and they refused to use it. 3 out of 4 isn't bad though.

Thanks to Paul Mackenzie and Creshdon for their vocal contributions. All music by Locust Toybox.

TV is shit
TV1 | TV2 | TV3 | TV4
Sock 4: Socklops 8th Jan '07
The Sock series continues with a mash of dreams and other fragments. I've been adding little lumps to this on and off for a long time and now I guess it's done. I've subtitled a few bits that may have been hard to decipher. Music from Lackluster, Slagsmålskubben and The Dead Texan.
Socklops or Sock 4
10th Dec '06
Charlie Brooker asked me to do some more animation for the Christmas special, so I made this. They didn't like it. Music By Locust Toybox.
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Charlie Brooker (Nathan Barley/TvGoHome) asked me to do a small bit of animation for his show Screenwipe on BBC4, he wasn't really sure what he wanted from me, but it had to be vaguely to do with TV, so I made this short advert. Music By Locust Toybox.
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10th Sept '06
On a rather drab day, a Pulch forms to cheer people up. Voices by David Firth and Cresh. Music By Locust Toybox. Contains optional subtitles.
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Men From Up The Stairs
21st May '06
This is a cartoon about men that come from up stairs. Music By Marcus Fjellström.
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The Latest Model
13th March '06
John's got a better model than Sue, who's 3 years behind Bob, but slightly ahead of Sally who appears to be stuck in the 80s along with Mike and Dhalbag, but Josh, Sukwinda and Naille are all up to date. Who will make it to the shop on time? Text to win. Music by Chris Gladwin and Jim Ether.
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Salad Fingers 7
29th January '06
After another lengthy wait, I present to you episode 7, entitled "Shore Leave". Music by Boards Of Canada, Brian Eno, Chris Gladwin and Datach'i.
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Spoilsbury Toast Boy -2
20th November '05
It's been over a year now so I think it's time to continue this backwards-running series. In this episode we meet Spoilsbury Toast Boy's sister. This episode is twice as long as the last one. I have subtitled some parts of it as the voices can be hard to understand at times. Music by Clara Rockmore, Scanner, Aphex Twin and Locust Toybox.
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