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Hello. My name is David Firth and I make things every day. I am working on everything. If you want to be kept up to date with what I am doing please follow me on TWITTER and swirl in my endless loop. Below is my log of recently completed projects.

Sept 2023 :: New Cartoon: Salad Fingers 13 "Harvest"

Here you go. This is the stuff you want. Salad Fingers episode 13. It's called Harvest and you may have noticed I make my titles as unspoilery as possible, the same with thumbnails - the element of surprise is underrated. I shall say no more and provide you with a link.

Salad Fingers 13

Watch it here on good old Newgrounds

July 2023 :: 2 new things to watch

I've been well busy. Here's a couple of pears for you: new Panathinaikos Bear (in fact the first in 17 years)

Oooh guess what else - a 10 minute video about the games I used to make when I was a nipper.

March 2023 :: New Animation: Plastic Hand

What's going on!? Another new cartoon, that's what. This one takes us back to the old simple cartoony style: Adobe Animate style. We don't call it Flash anymore because people got goebomole confused when it was announced that "Flash is dead" - it was only the web plugin that was killed. The software is still going and fully capable of making cartoons. This one is called PLASTIC HAND, and it really is a lovely one. Like a warm fuzzy blanket. I shall spare no more details since it's only 5 minutes long and I like surprising you.

ALSO - ULTIMATE PLUSH!. Yes we listened to the feedback and made a Salad Fingers Variant Plush with accessories such a detachable fingerpuppets, a hat and rusty spooon. Very buyable I would say. Buy one for your nanna.

Sf Plush Variant

We ship worldwide. Get them here

Stegosaurus Trap

There's also a new Stegosaurus Trap album HERE.

Jan 2023 :: New Animation: Not Stanley 0 "The Lost Episode"

Guess who forgot to update his website. Answers next week. today's headline is that I finished Not Stanley. I have animated the final part. I used ALL of the 2010 original audio. There only ever was one successful Not Stanley recording session. I recorded --ad libbed the entire audio for all 5 episodes in one session in 2010. Here in the final installment I have made use of the leftovers. This "LOST" episode of Not Stanley is actually the first and the last, because I used audio recorded prior to episode 1 and after episode 4. I combined them into a single video and FINALLY provided the visuals. Not Stanley is now complete. There will be no more. I don't often say that about a series but Not Stanley is like Duke Nukem or The Stone Roses: it had its time, and even though it'd be technically possible to make more, we know it'd just be emulating something which has passed. I have no intention of developing the idea any further. Case closed. Now watch the episode which Youtube is delighted to inform me is 10th out of my 10 most recent videos in terms of popularity. That means its niche and you're cool for liking it.

March 2022 :: New Animation: Salad Fingers 12

It's a brand new FULL Salad Fingers episode. This one isn't in the more realistic and more 3D style of 10+11. I haven't abandoned that style, I just wanted to make one in Flash again. It's a mix of old and new. This one is about Salad Fingers doing his rounds as a post man.

Also back in stock: Salad Fingers Plush Toys

Sf Plush Toys

We ship worldwide. Get them here

Oct 2021 :: New Animation: Salad Fingers: Market

This is short Salad Fingers episode. I made it in Flash. I wanted to revist the Salad Fingers 1-5 style. It's called Market.

I also have some cool new stuff to buy in my shop:

Fleshboy Plush

Hubert Cumberdale Fleshboy Plush

Salad fingers Slippers

Salad Fingers Slippers

May 2021 :: New Animation: Burnt Face Man 10

Oh wow. This finally happened. Burnt Face Man #10: Time Predators. The first BFM episode in 10 years.

Oh yeah, there's a new Locust Toybox album too


Locust Toybox - When We Implode

Feb 2021 :: Salad Fingers Plush Toys

We finally have plush toys on sale.

Sf Plush Toys

We ship worldwide. Get them here

November 2020 :: New Animation: Sock Six

The long wait is over. Sock 6 is finally here. It's 15 minutes long.

Sock Six

This one, as usual was funded by my lovely supporters on Patreon

Without the Patreon funding my work would be doomed to mediocrity, forced to stay within Youtube's ad-friendly, increasingly strict content guidelines or risk being de-monetised (which it has already). If you can spare a few quid then please consider supporting me.

Another way to help is buying merch. For this animation I decided SOCKS would be the perfect product:

Sock Six

Buy some socks!

And finally for this update, I'd like to invite you to join the Fat-Pie community on Discord. This is a relatively new server but growing very quickly. If you're unsure what Discord is, it's basically a free app that serves a series of group chats/forums/boards where people talk and share things either using text, voice or video. Join us and take part in the competitions, gaming sessions, movie screenings and more.

Fat-Pie on Discord

Fat-Pie Discord image created by user "@Mademow"

August 2020 :: New WallerFM - loads of it!

Hey there chaps! When the world stops, the WallerFM starts. Here it is WallerFM Episode 10, which can be experienced on the WallerFM page, searched for on Spotify/Apple Music or viewed on Youtube:

But that's not it! For the past few months Christian and myself have been doing a weekly LIVE WallerFM on my Twitch Channel

We do it every wednesday at 8pm (UK time). Don't worry if you just found out, all the live broadcasts are uploaded to Youtube the next day and will soon be appearing on Spotify and the iTunes type of things.

Here's a playlist of all the episodes:

Also there is a new Stegosaurus Trap album

April 2020 :: Whoops

Hey there chaps. The world has stopped, but this website is running again. It just so happens that I forgot to update it for a while. Here's what I've been upto

Salad Fingers 11

New episode of Jerry Jackson:Religion

Salad Fingers 11

Music video: Flying Lotus (feat. David Lynch) "Fire Is Coming"

Salad Fingers 11

Pre-Chewed Food

Salad Fingers 11

I released a new LOCUST TOYBOX album called The Eyelid Recording. Which as well as being on Bandcamp is on Spotify

I'm currently working on new animations including a new Burnt Face Man and Sock Six. I've been livestreaming my animation process for Sock Six on Twitch as well as other things so come and have a watch sometime.

David Firth on Twitch

And why not drop by the Discord

Tetsu - Maki - Sempu -Kyaku

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