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Hello. My name is David Firth and I make things every day. This website may not update very often, but I am working just as hard as ever, if not more so. If you want to be kept up to date with what I am doing please follow me on TWITTER and swirl in my endless loop. Below is my log of recently completed projects.

12th Sept 2017 :: The News Hasn't Happened Yet #2

The time has come again to dip our heads into the world of news, to see what's really going on. If you haven't seen this series before, I use magical video editing and animation techniques to mould my silly face onto those of newsreaders and other media types. It's a load of fun. Thanks to the incredible Patreon supporters for keeping my stuff alive! Please consider becoming one of the crew and letting my work be original without having to answer to the creativity-killing advert lizards.

30th May 2017 :: New Animation: Cream

Wow. Really? New animation? Yes. And it's a 10 minute long one! I'd like to thank my lovely Patreon supporters for making this happen and for making it Ad-free. It's about Cream. Just watch it, you'll get the gist.

Salad Fingers T Shirts

But that isn't all. Look! I've finally gotten some new merch - Salad Fingers Tshirts (also Cream). These are much better quality shirts than the old ones. Let me introduce the BRAINFEEDER DAVID FIRTH SHOP for all your Fat-Pie shopping needs.

18th April 2017 :: Patreon and Youtube stuff

This is an important video. The bad news is that Youtube is practically impossible to make money from any more. The good news is I don't need it thanks to you absolutely wonderful supporters. I finally set up a Patreon and I've got to say, I had no idea people would jump on it so quickly and show me some love. If you're confused, watch the video. If you're feeling sexy then peep at MY PATREON Keep your eyes peeled for new content. Something is coming soon.....

13th March 2017 :: The News Hasn't Happened Yet

I took my face off my head and put it on some news footage.

August 2016 :: That Michael Jackson Video

Make Way For Rapey Jackson

12th January '16 :: WallerFm Episode #9

It's an audio bonanza

WallerFM is back with another hour-long slice of audio based fun. We've got a load of other episodes over here as well as on iTunes here

19th December '14 :: The Unfixable Thought Machine


The Unfixable Thought Machine

I have created a new animation, just in time for Christmas. It has nothing to do with Christmas though. Watch it here at any time of year. Sod Christmas.

31st October '14 :: Flying Lotus: "Ready Err Not"

I animated the new Flying Lotus video.

30th March '14 :: New Locust Toybox album "Stringland"

Hello. I have made a new Locust Toybox album called "Stringland". Locust Toybox is music I make with real instruments, computers, samples and a bit of my voice. I try and sound like nothing else but I'm sure it'll remind you of something. I use Locust Toybox music in almost all of my cartoons......but this album is not just background ambience - it is meant for listening to. Some of the songs are quite upbeat. I make music that I would want to hear. Anyway you've probably already decided whether or not to give it a try, so I'll waste your time no longer and throw you a link. You can listen to it for free or buy it for a fiver (that's £5) - but I'll also make it free to download eventually. I just thought I'd see if anyone would ever pay for my music (and some people have already - so thanks for that)


Locust Toybox - Stringland

Stringland is the 10th album by Locust Toybox. Get the others HERE

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